Viruses keep materializing in my system out of no where.

Ok I have been having a problem over this last week.
Ok it started about 5 days ago, I woke up checked the comodo logs and noticed comodo anti-virus caught a virus, so I did a system scan and found the virus “ApplicUnwant.Win32.Adware.searchit.t” I quarantined it, and finally deleted it from my computer.
Yesterday I decided to give AVAST! anti-virus a try along side comodo firewall, I disabled comodos real-time protection that way avast! could replace it.
I ran a anti-virus scan and avast found 2 viruses, I was surprised because comodo did not detect these viruses, I did a comodo virus scan before I ran the avast! scan just to see if comodo would find anything, but no it did not detect these viruses.
So I deleted the viruses that avast! said I had, according to avast it was 1 dialer program and 1 trojan.
I was a bit skeptical that avast had found these pretty dangerous sounding programs on my computer, I have always used comodo and its always worked for me, that’s why I’m thinking this is some sort of false positive from avast?
My computer was not acting up or anything before/or after I removed these “viruses” that avast! detected.
I decided to uninstall avast! because I just really didn’t trust the program, and now when I ran a comodo anti-virus scan I found these viruses, the virus that I said I deleted “ApplicUnwant.Win32.Adware.searchit.t” had magically returned, and he brought a buddy with him “Backdoor.Win32.Bifrose” and it also detected SUPPORT.CAB:bitsadmin.exe as a virus.
I deleted the files from my computer did another comodo scan and everything is working 100%.
Anybody else have a similar experience using avast???

Hello, Avast! is a trustworthy application.

The simple answer is that no antivirus detects 100% and they will miss things. Todays world antivirus’s are relying on black listing which means that a threat is free to do what it likes until a signature is created to deal with it. That method just isn’t effective by it’s self which is why you need a multi layered approach such as a HIPS (Defense+) Antivirus, and then a backup or way to “repair” the infection.

Defense+ is extremely effective and if you set it up right, answer the alerts correctly - you will have a very strong first line of defense :wink: