viruscope is the same as SystemWatcher IN KASPERSKY


Is it possible that theVIRUSCOPE copied from SystemWatcher kaspersky

If meditating consider “SystemWatcher” It is clear matching “viruscope”

The mechanism of action “SystemWatcher”

rollbacke such that viruscope

AND Try compare between the links :

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Comodo is free.

To me these are simply similar features. End of story.

they are both behavior blockers so of course they are similar. i dont think kaspersky has the reversing feature that comodo has

Comodo and Kaspersky have similar features here. The Comodo VC wil work well when it is updated regularly.

You are mistaken Kaspersky has ROLLBACK

Yeah. You can hardly innovate something radically new today.

Well, to be honest, you can’t make a behavior detection any other way than everyone are already doing it (more or less). You can just twist, modify and redesign the basics and make something more flexible and better, but it will still operate in a very similar way.

Is this one correct?

System Watcher does not trust apps in the “white list”.

Viruscope does trust apps in the “white list”.

VC probably trusts objects in the whitelist. Not sure about Kaspersky though.

Of course Kaspersky does that as well. They do have an extensive whitelisting database. Not doing so would be just foolish.

Additional Info about SystemWatcher

Wow, Kaspersky has very advanced roll back mechanisms - The roll-back system works with created and modified executable files, MBR modifications, important Windows files and registry keys.

I wonder is VC will ever become this advanced?

It has just been introduced, many updates/improvements will have to be done in the future…

Systemwatcher can also roll back changes that where made before a reboot. I wonder in virusscope can do that or that it only stores changes made in the current windows session.
Systemwatcher is also much more than detecting virusses by dangerous activity patterns and roll back the actions. For example it also contains the exploit prevention module, heuristic analysing , module for screen locker detection/protection etc. They have a 3-4 years lead. Hope Comodo can make it usefull and maybe even better ;D

remember kaspersky has been around a very long time. they are on like version 20 comodo is on 7 so give them time

The question is : Have they implemented all these features for SystemWatcher as soon as it got released ? (I don’t know which version they released it though) :wink:

No it was a long way. Screenlocker protection for 2014 suite. Exploit prevention in 2013 suite. Remember changes even when the system has reboots wasn’t there in the first release but i don’t know when it was added.

I can see why Kaspersky is considered one of the best, they even use Zeta shield which use to be used for business clients, but is now implemented in to KIS 2014.

Please see How viruscope works to find out what Comodo VC does and does not do (or at least my best understanding of it).