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I don’t know why but some spyware somehow managed to be detected in my computer. Also, I can’t deal with any virus because the on-access scanner had to be disabled(otherwise my computer is broken). I tried Ad-Aware v1.06 Personal Edition and it didn’t detect it at all. So please take this seriously and answer this question? How I convince my father to buy spy sweeperv5.0 (I have unreigstered version.)?


Well you want me to answer how you can convince your father. Tell him how great Spysweeper is. And if you want, I can get you a deal where you get 2 years for the price of 1 :D. So not only are you getting an extra year for free, but you are protected with award winning protection for 2 years for only $30. Try that ;D

Okay, then let’s see the deal. Otherwise, you wish because this is about creating trust online, not lying to creating trust online. Also, maybe you can show some discounts.

Discounts on free products? Erm… yea OK, you get 50% discount! :wink: BTW You do know that Spy Sweeper isn’t Comodo’s right?

Alternatively, you could try a-squared Free & see if that nails your problem.


Here you go, Spysweeper 2 years for the price of one.

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I have been trying out Spyware Terminator, FREE and it seems to be doing great. Crawler was an issue but they no longer dwelve in spyware of their own so far. I haven’t seen any outbounds etc…and other sites are removing the label as well. If it stays that way, it may be equal to spysweeper.


Indeed, I have tested Spyware Terminator myself, and it was at once a rogue antispyware application (well classified as one anyway), but it seems Crawler has changed that, and they even came out with a corporate version of it for a low price a 10 pack is only $20 :o, so if they truly make it a good product then they may be making some profit in the near future.

Yes, and I never thought I would say this, but it is rather awesome right now and I am actually taking to it, may even buy the corporate version. :slight_smile:


Here is its page if your interested.

Hmmmm, seems maybe a bit too much for a home pc and i’m cheap. I think i’ll stick with the free version. :slight_smile:


Personally once a product uses rogue techniques, that product and it’s producers in my opinion should be blacklisted for life. The reason i say this is that when you run a copyrighted program, you cannot see what the program is doing (If you could, that would be classed as illegal). so the law leaves all of us with the only measure, black list proven dodgy companies (And their programmers) for life, the only way that we can ever trust the programs we run.

cheers, rotty

Hmmm. Appreciate the feedback rotty. However, this program is being watched by many sites that host downloads and is being\has been tested to make sure this is not the case. These sites will not host anything with spyware and have taken it upon themselves to monitor it closely. It has made no ill attempts to access the internet or any of the such. I do Hijack this scans as well as other scans and it shows no other ill intent. While I don’t have 100% trust in it as of yet, they are now selling other products etc…to get away from the Crawler problem. I do think they have a great product and they know that Crawlerware hurt them badly when noone would use it anymore. They leave an option to allow info for third parties and such but so do paid programs.

<The reason i say this is that when you run a copyrighted program, you cannot see what the program is doing (If you could, that would be classed as illegal). >

This goes for any program then. Also there are many programs that used to be adware that are now trustware. If they are truly changing their tune, they have a heck of a product and they need to keep this in mind and stay on the right path. I feel giving them a chance of redemption is fine, they cross that line and it’s gone.


Yes, but no matter how much monitoring is done the trust of the program can never be 100%. A WELL WRITTEN rootkit can hide from ANY software. And a scan from an antivirus cd will not pick it up because the definitions are not written for it.

I will never trust that company, nor recommend or install it’s products. Their are so many better programs (With a clean history) to use.

cheers, rotty

Once again, any company can do that. Sony did it with their CDs. And I don’t happen to trust ANY software 100% and never will. While you and I are both entitled to our opinions which is a good thing, neither of us, you or me, can say 100% that this would be the case that it has a rootkit or not.
It’s all speculation no matter how it’s put. I understand you may not recommend to install their products, which is fine but if I didn’t feel something was safe in some way, I would not recommend it to others. I am also going by what sites are saying about the product as well and did a lot of research before using it.


I tried everything that could quartaine spyware but none is better that both spyware doctor and spy sweeper. any other suggestions?

Why not try AVG-Antispyware.

This comes with a 30 day trial of premium features. After the trial has expired you will not have automatic updates or real time protection, however you can still manually update and scan/remove threats.

Download Here

Justin, here are some pictures and other stuff.

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Just click on additional options at bottom , browse your PC for pic and post! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info comicfan.

Not a problem, just wondering, have you tried booting in safe mode to rid yourself of this?