Virus Warning After Installing Gimp 2.8


Just letting you know that I have been trying to install Gimp 2.8 and after installation I scan the Gimp folder and CIS anti-virus show 5 virus warnings in folder c:\programme files\gimp 2\lib\gimp\2.0\python all files that give a warning are *.pyd.debug

They have been submitted via the CIS quarantine section.

This also happens with Gimp 2.8 portable.

Although I do not know (hence deleted Gimp from system) I think they might be false positives as this is a well known and popular program.

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Hello zarniwoopz,

Thank you for reporting this. We’ll check it.

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Florin, please run the full Windows Installer as it contains like 30 alerts on .tmp executables during install.


This is to inform you that false-positive has been fixed.
You can update to AV database Version <12273> of Comodo Internet Security Version<5.10.228257.2253> and confirm it.

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Hi Chunli.chen

This is just to confirm that your fix is working perfectly.

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