Virus update page

I always wondering what Como has added to the virusdatabase but this is the result on their website:

This page provides the current list of malware that have been added to Comodo’s Anti Malware database to date. The Anti-Malware database helps to power Comodo software such as Comodo Internet Security. This page is updated every time our analysts update the signatures in our malware database.
Latest Database Version: 28310
Release Date (all times GMT): 7-Jan-2018 06:56:31
Number of Definitions Added Today: 12104
Total Definitions: 53425789
Malware Category
(expand to see all malware in this category) Total in Category
Click to Expand ApplicUnwnt 7
UnclassifiedMalware 12083
Click to Collapse TrojWare 13
Click to Expand Application 1

So i can t see what has been added as i click on the + i see an blank line and no information. Could this be fixed.