Virus trouble

I’ve been working on computers that have a virus called CRCSS.exe & Autorunme.exe:
* Viruses and Spyware
* Worm
And it makes the systems that I’ve cleaned it off of, unbootable. After it cleans that Windows fails to load into a User Account on XP. It sits there and sits there. I’ve ran scans with Comodo, Avira, SUPERAntiSpyware, Spyware Terminator, A-Squared, Malwarebytes etc. and the user still is having trouble logging in. I’m assuming its probably a registry issue, but we’ve had 4 computers that we’re having to call customers and ask for the Windows CD to see if we can get it up and going. Does anyone know how to restore these computers back to where I can get them to log on (they work in safemode by the way). If you know a way I can get them working let me know. I may be missing an idea, a thought, or something simple to do to get it to work.

Evening Sir,

Just to Confirm Your Information:

OS: Windows XP SP? ??-Bit
Mainly Used Environment: Safe Mode (With or Without Networking?)
Failed Products:
Spyware Terminator


It sounds like the worm has a nice hold on the windows files. I think the best thing to do would to be, on one machine, perform a repair with the windows CD. That will simply re make the WINDOWS folder. The only shortcoming is you will have to reactivate windows, and reinstall windows updates. That should rid the worm though.