Virus threat submitted to Comodo

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This morning I downloaded and installed the available Microsoft updates. Soon after (a minute or so) the Comodo Anti-virus put up a warning it had discovered an ‘unclassified malware’.

The threat was listed as:


So, I elected to Quarantine it. Then I submitted it to Comodo. Then on the submit page it was marked as having already been submitted and a ‘green check mark’ was shown next to this message.

Does this ‘green check mark’ mean the file is now safe or just that it was previously submitted and awaiting action from Comodo?

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The green checkmark beside “already submitted” means only that it just has been submitted. The green checkmark does not mean it is safe.

To know it if it is a safe file try adding that file to Trusted Files. You would need to restore it from Quarantine for that of course.

I think this could be a false positive. After restoring open the mentioned folder with Explorer. This should trigger the AV. When it pops up with a virus alert choose Ignore -->Report this to COMODO as a False Alert.

In case the AV does not pop up when opening the folder with Explorer. Right click on the wizard folder and choose to scan with Comodo Anti Virus. When the av pops up choose Ignore -->Report this to COMODO as a False Alert.

Hi EricJH,

I appreciate your response and explanation.

Have a great day!

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