Virus' that attach themselves to Comodo

Earlier I was looking around for a key for Microsoft Windows Office 2003 and came across this site.

warning this site has hacker related material and log’s your ip when you do a search

<Mod’s Edit: link to website removed to comply with forum policy>

After leaving the site I did a scan with Comodo and Search and Destroy. The virus’ got past SAD but Comodo caught
them. Halfway through the scan with Comodo though the program began to lag and freeze. Numerous erros came up like “Virus protection unable to intialize” and “####### failed to operate due to insufficant resources available”
This error also occured when I tried to delete or quarantine the virus’.

I tried using the virus prog to quarantine the 6 virus’ but only three were taken care of, supposedly. I hot logged,
dc’d from the net and ran Comodo again. Comodo found the six virus’ again but this time when I found them and deleted them the program worked as it should and virus’ were removed.

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