virus or imcompatibility between AVIRA antivirus and COMODO?

Good afternoon(sorry for my english but im Italian and that’s the best i can do…)
i think that i have a problem with compatibility with another antivirus(AVIRA)because whan i scan my pc with COMODO he tell me that i have a virus(the name of the virus is :
Application.Win32.YAssist.~A@8305321, and that was find on :
C:\ProgramData\Avira\Antivir Desktop\TEMP\AVSCAN-2009603-155155-AD5F64E6-0000000D-25DC7DB0.av$
i dont know if that can dammage my pc or my Avira antivirus…can you answer me about that?
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that is a most likely a virus, i think that’s (not sure) a backup of a virus by Avira, im sure Avira has it under control.

You can remove it using comodo if you want since its in the Temp files.

Avira Antivirus is self-protecting, you shouldn’t be able to do any damage by deleting one file. And I agree with OmeletGuy that removing anything from the Temp files should not cause any damage to Avira.
My experience is that Avira even survived problems on my PC resulting in data loss.