Virus not removed

CIS detects some viruses on my PC. I select to clean the viruses but they are constantly reappearing.

re-check with (good example) emsisoft anti-malware free version, to make sure its not a false positive, and to have another try to get rid of them, if no false alarm.

after been confirmed, find informations about the threats, and decide if a cleaning makes your computer clean again.

That’s alot of heuristic hits, whats your heuristic setting in the av? I doubt those are real viruses, just what the heuristics considers suspicious. I’d check with another scanner like Hitman pro.

emsisoft has two scan fields. it was suggested to cover much up.
i didnt have many heuristic alarms with that program when i used it as second opinion.

i like to use programs where i can set heuristic to high, without having much false alarms.
right, in your case, you should get more opinions. until you see more clear about the “alarms” you have.
another good suggestion is malwarebytes free version. but it should be used as an alternative, not as an “main” antivirus.

Very dodgy results… It might be heuristic but I don’t think so as my heuristics set to the max always and I never have any problem with them… Use Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware to get rid of the infection… Apart from that I have no idea why your anti-virus acts like this unless you really or something messed up your settings…