Virus (I-Worm.Troban.b) was found

Virus (I-Worm.Troban.b) was found on your computer

It then freezes the explorer window and takes u to this link:

-removed malicious link-

Where they try to sell you this System Security Antivirus.

I have tried to restore old backups and also used the Comodo which is a good software and removes many malwares etc. but it does not remove this and problem continues.

Any solutions anyone, please send email - it will be helpful as I see many people on the net have reported suffering from this.

Have you tried following the steps in this thread?

What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3

Try downloading malwarebytes and running a full scan in safe mode and try running a scan with comodo in safe mode. Most viruses are easy to remove in safe mode. And others are not such as a rootkit.