virus disabled intermet connection

I’m trying to fix my father-in-law’s computer. He had Mcafee, it wasn’t working correctly and his internet would not connect. I completely removed Mcafee but the internet still would not connect. I ran Dr Web because that was the only antivirus I had on a disc and it found some Trojans (7 total). I deleted them but it still will not let the internet connect. I know that the connection and modem is working because I could use Mozilla Firefox when in Dr Web mode.

What are some things I can check? I forgot to check the firewall, which could be the problem but what else? Is there a way to download IE to a CD and reinstall it? Is this a normal problem sometimes after having a few trojans?

you need to fix some things. I would recommend downloading superantispyware onto a flash drive and installing it. Do a scan and remove what it finds. Once that is done go to the preferences button on SAS and go to the repairs tab. Scroll down and you will see “repair broken internet connection”, “reset web settings”, “homepage reset”, “internet security zone reset”. Run all of these repairs. once done reboot the computer and see if you can get back on the net now.