Virus definition updates that require a reboot.

I don’t understand why a definition update would require a reboot. I switched from AVG Free becuase it was constantly asking to reboot. Today, I was disappointed when comodo asked me to restart my computer for the new virus definition update to come into effect.

If something isn’t working and a driver update fixes the issue, then a reboot is warranted. But I can’t motivate a reboot unless my system is actually malfunctioning and I really do have to reboot to regain the functionality I use my computer for.

Why would your program not be able to simply load the new definitions? Even if the old definition somehow got locked by the OS so it couldn’t be deleted, surely such an issue should in no way hinder the software from just loading another definition?

In my opinion, antivirus software that requires your system to shut down is flawed, since one aim of antivirus software is to avoid downtime, to avoid having to reboot in order to repair a compromised system.

I agree Horta. Thanks for mentioning this. I would not be happy with Comodo AV with this requirement!

I use AVG free and rarely get prompted for a reboot. A reboot is only necessary when they do an auto program update, NOT a virus dB update.

The only time I’ve been asked to do a reboot is when I first installed it, something to do with the DB, and when a new version comes out… Either way I don’t see that as much of a problem.

I assume it happened to you when, or shortly after you installed it… Don’t worry you won’t get it again. Besides AVG won’t be a patch on the new one when it comes out…!!!

It is only with the initial update that a reboot is required. When it continues to ask there is something else going on.

a second the "HORTA"s post.
after auto updating CIS to ver 3.13.121240.574.
today after AV defs update it asks for rebooting then makes BSOD and after second reboot it won’t update it anymore with the error “Update failed. AV engine is not initialized”

CIS on WinXP-32 SP2

‘diagnostics’ found no problem.

reinstall didn’t help.

How come you not running XP SP3?

today after AV defs update it asks for rebooting then it can`t update av error "Update failed

:(bad shit

There was a problem with the av update servers earlier today. Things are normalised now. Please check.

With the upcoming v4 there will be no longer a reboot required when installing the initial av database.

I still can’t update the virus db. It has never happened to me before. Is the comodo update server still down?

They should be back up. However, I am using a test version of v4 (that was also affected). Can anybody on 3.13 confirm that the update servers are still working?

It works now!
The latest version of CIS
I’ve just updated from 3283 to 3299 virus db.