virus databaste up to date ???

im using CIS v 5.0 and its 5 days nw says that the virus database is up to date but when i check the database

version i found its not updating . its says nw 6808 and the latest update is 6841 , so whats the problem ???

thnx …

Good question. Is your C:\Windows\Temp folder missing perhaps? Some users recently have had trouble updating and found that for some reason, their Temp folder was missing. This caused the updates to fail. Adding a new C:\Windows\Temp folder cured their problem.

While others have had update problems for no apparent reason. I personally had updates failing for a week until they started again. You can see my bug report on the issue here:
AV database update fails at finalizing stage.

If you go to Antivirus → Antivirus Events and click the More button, then select Tasks Launched, do you see updates with the code 0x80004005? This is apparently the code that the update failed or the servers were unreachable. The developers haven’t spoken up and said what this code means, so it’s just speculation. If your C:\Windows\Temp folder is in place, you can just wait and hopefully the updates will kick in again.

Everything seems fine and it dosnt give me any error message but every time it checks for update it says it up to date :frowning: . i guess i will wait for the updates to kick in again

thnx for ur support HeffeD :wink:

Did you look where I suggested in my previous post?

If you go to [b]Antivirus -> Antivirus Events[/b] and click the [b]More[/b] button, then select [b]Tasks Launched[/b], do you see updates with the code 0x80004005?

I’m curious to hear if you see the code mentioned.

the problem solved it was a server problem and fixed and start update again

and yeah i checked and no theres no update with this code :wink:

thnx Heffed for ur effort :wink: