Virus database updates


I think it was worth starting a new thread.

So basically my question is : does someone could detail how the virus database process goes for this new build

At first we had DB9712, then jumped to DB9778 and then still waiting…

Thank you very much for your explanations,

Recap of previous problem:
Before 8/18/11, if you updated from the previous CIS 5.8 beta to 5.8.202801.2064 BETA via the updater inside CIS, you would have gotten AV database version 9768 (it converted the old database into the new format, rather than downloading the new database format). If you did a clean install of CIS 5.8.202801.2064 BETA, you would have gotten AV database version 9712 (because it needed to download the new format, but the downloads were not ready yet; which also means that you would not receive a more recent AV database when you tried to update the definitions). Starting on 8/18/11, this issue seemed to have been resolved, and the new update formats were on line and downloading.

? New Problem
Initially, it seemed the AV updates for the Beta version were ready and were downloading the most recent version with a clean install, updater install, and an AV definition update. So, it seemed the issue was resolved, but now it appears that many users are stuck at AV database 9778 and cannot update to a higher database number. No sure what it going on, but I am sure Comodo is looking into it.


It is now 9793.

It seems they are not updating this beta smoothly, as it happens with normal CIS.

I think they are releasing some kind of daily or incremental updates only…