Virus code sources for CAVS


for CAVS’s Virus Search Laboratory I signal (if already they do not know them) these links where is possible to point out the code of some virus in traffic so to be able to be added in the signatures of the software:


I already sent means quarantine’s CAVS some codes of malware you do not show in the database and I saw that they were added in the updatings a lot rapidly and I thank yourselves for the efficiency.


Thank you yeiazel

we’ll check to see if we can get any new samples from these sites.

Thanks to you Melih, I am honored for your reply! :slight_smile:

It is a true pleasure to give back me useful for you, that offer these excellent totally free software.
This is the minimum that I can make wanting to contribute for the growth of CAVS, a product that surely soon will support the reputation of the excellent firewall! :wink:


Here’s an other virus collection from a Hungarian site. They are old ones but maybe you can take advantages of some of them. :wink:

thanks zvaragabor :slight_smile:


thanks zvaragabor

My pleasure. :slight_smile:

Here’s an other smaller collection:

thanks again zvaragabor. Pls keep them coming :slight_smile: thats great.


Glad to help. :wink:
I’ve found some more: