Virtual Machine Faker - turns off some malware!

How about a product called Comodo Virtual Machine Faker? A nontrivial portion of today’s malware behaves like a good citizen in the presence of a virtual machine or emulated environment. So how about a product that makes a physical machine appear to be one of the popular virtual or emulated environments? Malware that behaves like a good citizen in a virtual machine would also behave like a good citizen on your physical machine if you’re using Comodo Virtual Machine Faker!

This may not work to well, some programs (I’m not sure how many) will not run within a VM for DRM reasons.

Well how would you run those programs if you were using Hyper-V?

Programs that are made to run in that sort of environment won’t be detecting that it is indeed running within the environment it’s meant to be. A LOT of user programs will not run in a VMWare and/or Virtual PC session.

i can’t see how you could wrap a real installation to look virtual, and as far as I know, Malware infects it just the same.

How do you mean Rotty? Like what?