Virtual Desktop is not working in Comodo CIS

Until now, helping me always reset the virtual desktop!

Not here, nothing helps, just doesn’t work… the virtual desktop keeps loading for ever

That’s what I meant by just Spinning Wheel!

Have you tried through Control Panel > Uninstall > Repair . . . . . if that doesn’t work, I’d suggest a re-install

Thanks [@]Ploget, I will try that coming weekend when there is some time left.,
Kind regards

Hi [@] EricJH
I did as you requested. after every install I did a complete uninstall with the Comodo Uninstaller.
Finally I was back to CIS v11.0.0.6744, and quite early after an extra virusdata update there came the “there is an upgrade” automaticly… this one updated to CIS v12.0.0.6818
Still the VIRTUAL desktop and the run-virtual-command for an executable do NOT WORK.
the Werfault.exe and the igfxCUIServe giving faults in the HIPSevents…

Getting a bit tired trying this incompleted software.
Your socalled professional helpdesk is on holiday perminently, so it seems. They never borther to anser.

This weekend I will try to find a replacement that works , this is very unsatisfactory.

Hi biteater,

Thank you for reporting.
Kindly use the Uninstaller Tool for cleaning of your PC and Re-install the latest v12.2.0.6938 Beta 1 version and check. If it persist’s in the same condition in the sense don’t hesitate to ping us.

Thanks in advance!


Are you keeping me in this endles loop of installing quiestionable beta’s ?

At least you can give me the offlineinstaller

Hi biteater,

As a workaround could you please recheck this issue by adding Werfault.exe to Windows System Applications file group. Refer enclosed image.

Biteater you may also want to check for anything that could be conflicting with it like another security app.

Because you ask so nicely:

I downloaded the offline installer. I just have to look for the link again. Or I upload it so you can download it.

Oh, forgotten, is the x64-version.

[at]megaherz posted two download links:

[@]Metheni thank you: I added Werfault.exe to Windows System Applications file group ==>> no results. Virtual Desktop gives the popup and keeps-on-loading.

this msi doen’t install, it needs a proper installer

I have cleaned up the release topic of CIS 6814 and moved and merged all posts with this topic. This does however result in double posts in this topic and it may seem a bit erratic.

Thank you ErichJH, no problem with that.
Finally I ended here with CIS v12.1.0.6914 (coming from bottom up CIS v10);
Killswitch & CleaningEssential will not install, the installation files are not there,
The “virtual desktop” and the command “run-virtual” do not work
, the virtual desktop gives a pop-up and hangs; that can be cleared by “reset the container”

Ergo, this v12.1.0.6914 is very crippled too, and is not even a beta version, regardless all the so called hurrays from various people.
At this time I do not have real testing malware; so it is not to say if this product will work effectively in some way anyway.

I do appreciate direct messages to communicate,
regards Biteater

Hi biteater,

  1. This is an known issue,our developers are working in it and it will be fixed in the upcoming stable release.
  1. For this issue,Kindly check your inbox for PM and provide us the log for further investigations.

Thanks in advance!


This is an known issue,our developers are working in it and it will be fixed in the upcoming stable release. < this is a well known line, very often used by the volunteers of this forum… But it is NOT a helpdesk, and comodo developers never ever respond; are there any left??
Right now I am very disappointed to be (ab)used as a testuser, not willingly, and verisons of CIS were presented as final, and they were not; just a bunch of uncomplete and untested bèta-releases.

Perhaps I will return in due time. Regards

Thank you for trying this, we would be grateful if you could provide us the log requested by Dharshu for further investigations.

B/n Killswitch & CleaningEssential installation issue has already been fixed in current beta v12.2.0.6938 Beta 1.

Biteater could you tell us what other security program you have installed and which are running in the background alongside with CIS?

[at]EricJH Thank you for being sharing info as much as you could in this difficult position. In my long time experience as an it-architect in security and testuser from the beginning of the times of the personal pc , I do know how a computer should behave when it is heavily used (personal network or server) and what to expect when protecting software is installed and changed.
So I will leave you now, and hope maybe to return when Comodo IS has become more mature; no offence ment.
Kind regards, Biteater