Virtual Desktop interprets key presses as Windows shortcut keys

Hi! Has anyone else experienced this? When I’m in Virtual Desktop, all key presses are interpreted as if they were prefaced by the Windows key. Typing e opens an instance of Explorer, as if I had pressed (Windows key) + e. The r key opens the little Run dialog, as if I had pressed (Windows key) + r. The l (lowercase ell) key logs me out of the underlying (non-virtualized) OS, as if I had typed (Windows key) + l.

This only occurs only within Virtual Desktop, and stops happening if I switch back to native Windows (while leaving Virtual Desktop running). Which argues that it isn’t a problem with my physical keyboard.

Within Virtual Desktop I have checked in the control panel and found nothing odd like stickykeys, filterkeys, etc. turned on.

What should I look at next? Thanks very much!


James P. H. Fuller MCSE

Comodo Firewall 7.0.317799.4142
Win XP SP3
(except if you’re Windows Updates and you query the registry, it will say “Embedded POSReady 2009”)