virtual desktop does not start

I found what I think are several bugs, I can activate without problems automatic container but not deactivate it from the Windows 10 toolbar, I have to go to the configuration each time to deactivate it.

Now the notification center does not notify me if an application is being run automatically from the container either.

And finally, although it has been happening since previous versions, the virtual desktop always stays loaded but does not start.


Hi . . . I can’t replicate any of these issues on Win10. What OS are you using and did you do a clean install or an upgrade from a previous Comodo version?

I did a clean install, uninstalling the previous version and even then I used ciscleanuptool.
My OS is Windows 10 PRO 1909
After I imported the configuration from the previous version, maybe this is the problem?

I’m going to try


I changed to the default configuration and then back to the one I was using and now everything works as it should, except the virtual desktop which stays in the loading window and only closes if I delete the container