virgin media super hub

Hi got this new device and the folowing came up with testing with shields up

Ping Reply: RECEIVED (FAILED) — Your system REPLIED to our Ping (ICMP Echo) requests, making it visible on the Internet. Most personal firewalls can be configured to block, drop, and ignore such ping requests in order to better hide systems from hackers. This is highly recommended since “Ping” is among the oldest and most common methods used to locate systems prior to further exploitation.

How do i correct this

The virgin media super hub is a re-badged Netgear modem/router. When you place a device like this between your PC and the Internet, scans like those from GRC are testing the ports of the device, not CIS. You’ll need to check the documentation for the hub, to find out how to block pings.

thanks Radaghast. I just have and they say…its ok not to worry cant affect pc!!! didnt offer any further help…lol

You can try logging on to the router and checking for any likely settings under the Advanced tab. Unfortunately, VM have not made this device terribly configurable. If you know your way around, you can SSH or telnet into the router as well. This will provide access to more advanced settings, but you’d have to do some searching to find out what needs to be changed.