Videos don't work on

My kids love the sesame street website, and the videos have suddenly stopped working. Which is causing lots of anguish.

they work fine in IE and Google Chrome.
AFAIK I have comodo set up to use the latest chrome pepperflash.

Can anyone else play the videos?
Not having trouble with videos anywhere else that I know of.

I like Dragon, but it’s getting to the stage where I’m spending more time researching and implementing fixes and work arounds than actually browsing. :frowning:

I had such problem with Adobe Flash Player. The problem was, I saw blank dark screen and no video was present on the screen.

This what I did, and it helped to play videos on websites other than YouTube, because YouTube was working fine, but some websites doesn’t, was:

  1. If you have laptop: Acer, Fujitsu or any other… install newest graphic card driver from producer’s webpage.
  2. If you have PC, download any newest driver (dependand of the graphic card name). If it is GeForce, go to and download the newest driver.

As I said, I had the problem with Adobe Flash Player and no video on few webpages. After old driver I’ve replaced with the new one, I do not have a problem to open any kind of video in the Internet. If it will not help, please search more for a help.

Remember to uninstall your present graphic card driver and rebooting the Operating System before installing new one. Take care, bro. (CLY)

Can you do me a favor and quickly check if you can play any of the videos on that site?

I don’t get a black box, I get the screenshot of the video and a play button, but pressing it does nothing.

Sesame street have recently updated their website, and I think that’s when it stopped working.
I’ve also updated to Windows 8.1 and with that updated Flash and My Graphics Drivers, but i’m 99% sure that it stopped working a few days before I upgraded those.

Videos on pretty much everywhere else I’ve tried work. And on that site with every other browser I’ve tried. So it seems specific to Dragon.
But if you could just check if they work for you then that’d clear up whether it’s something on my PC or something with dragon generally and that site.

It’d be much appreciated.

That site does not use Flash Player, but HTML. The videos can not be played with Dragon because Dragon does not support the codecs (AVC and AAC).

Is there any way to get Dragon to support the codecs?

I haven’t had trouble viewing videos on other sites, other than low res ones on youtube.

If Dragon doesn’t work with HTML5 video and doesn’t work easily with Flash then it’s going to get harder and harder to stick with it. :frowning:

There is nothing the user can do. Comodo could do two things:

  1. Pay expensive license-fees to MPEG LA (as Google does for the proprietary codecs supported by Chrome).
  2. Use the system’s decoders, if available (as Mozilla and Opera do).

HTML-video and audio works in Dragon, only not with proprietary codecs. Unfortunately proprietary codecs are the only alternative on many video-sites.

The hope is now that the open video-codec VP9 will become an efficient alternative to AVC High Profile ( uses the less efficient codec AVC Main Profile). Big video-sites like YouTube and Netflix want to reduce the expensive bandwidth, without reducing quality. YouTube already uses VP9 (not yet for all videos, which is why you sometimes see videos limited to 640×360), and it would not surprise me if Netflix are investigating the possibility to use VP9 in the future.

Hi guy’s,
It appears to able to use PepperFlash with Dragon on the mentioned site with no issues on my system. (Screenshot)

Kind regards.

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If you see picture of the film but can’t play it - something is blocking video from starting: software other than Adobe Flash Player you are using when playing this video. There is no other option. Something is blocking it.
You said other browsers’ works - play it there. Logically, you see the video screen but you can’t play - for sure something is blocking this video. Try to install Adobe Flash Player. Change to Adobe Flash Player till you will receive answer, why it does not respond.

Remember, Adobe Flash Player 15 and newest graphic card drivers plays this video well on newest version of Comodo Dragon (2 November 2014). Tested myself on Windows 8.

I am using Adobe Flash Player playing this website Sesame Street | Preschool Games, Videos, & Coloring Pages to Help Kids Grow Smarter, Stronger & Kinder and does not giving any errors. Maybe you are not using Flash Player from Adobe but something other? Pepper Flash software of course.

As Adobe says it has problem with older graphic card drivers, I do not have anything special on my computer. Newest graphic drivers from the Producer of the laptop, newest adobe flash player version for “other than Internet Explorer browsers” and newest Comodo Dragon installed. Defaults in “SETTINGS” of Comodo Dragon. Maybe Pepper Flash got something similiar as encountering the problem.

Have you tried to ask Google for help? If I’ve got problem with Adobe Flash Player, I am calling websites for help not Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer’s Microsoft for help. Problem is with the software named “Pepper Flash” created by Google, not with the browser. Try those people who owns this kind of software.
If I have got problem with video in Comodo Dragon, I know it is my Flash Player Plugin, not whole Comodo Dragon. Specialists from Google will help you. Why it does not work here, why it works with other video webpages in Comodo Dragon and why it works on standard Google Chrome totally.
Comodo Dragon is not responsible for the Pepper software. Like Firefox is not responsible for my Adobe Flash Player problem. Help should be received from Google (creators and administrators of this plugin/program)
I’ve fixed my problems with Adobe Flash Player with connecting to websites not to Comodo, Mozilla or Microsoft. Yours should be done by contacting Google and desrcibing problem.

Start here:
Good luck.

Worst of all is if someone created the software but there is no help to the user of this software like Comodo Geek Buddy. Remember, responsible for Pepper Plugin/program is Google not Comodo.

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What’s that, bro? Picture shows using Flash by this website. And my Adobe Flash Player 15.0 version. Video was played by Adobe Flash, if you have installed Flash Player for “other than Internet Explorer version”.
Picture - the proof

note: my rightclick on video is the picture’s info.

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We have different experiences, bro. :wink:

Using Chrome, HTML is used. Trying with Opera 27, which does not support the codecs used (like Dragon), HTML failed, and the site did not fallback to Flash.

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