Video: NSA was allegedly hacked, loses financial hacking arsenal to the Dark Web

Hacking group Shadow Brokers released a data dump allegedly stolen from NSA that details the agency’s ability to hack international banks, SWIFT network

Are we protected?

And it’s no use fleeing to the hills, because you must have a satellite watching > :o:-D :stuck_out_tongue:


So? They’re out of date; useless and didn’t even make a useful bid? So what?

Are you one of the hackers? Because what I hear and see is the NSA malware is capable of breaking into ANY Windows system.

And Elvis is alive and working in a kebab shop…

Oh, look, another “expert” said nothing.

Hit a nerve have we? ;D

Nope. I just dislike this kind of behavior. It’s pure trolling. And you’re doing it again. Are you an NSA employee?

Now that’s priceless. You post a link to a publication which is hardly authoritative (the ‘founder’ isn’t even a journalist) which themselves use the word ‘allegedly’ in reference to the ‘hack’ and yet you want to hold it up as undisputed fact and attempt (badly) to rubbish anyone who dares suggest that it might just be all tosh and nonsense. Now whose the troll?

Posted a link to VIDEO, not publication. You haven’t even watched it, obviously.

Your response (WITHOUT WATCHING THE VIDEO) was “And Elvis is alive and working in a kebab shop…”. I think it’s obvious who is the troll here.

According to Microsoft, the exploits used by the hacking arsenal have been patched in all currently supported versions of Windows.

Turned out that Comodo users are safe after all

Comodo Firewall 10 vs WannaCry Ransomware

I feel sorry for the rest.

WannaCry: List of major companies and networks hit by ransomware around the globe:

NHS: Hundreds of clinics and hospitals across UK suffered a massive outage in the wake of the attacks, with the administration being forced to delay or even cancel surgeries and X-rays of numerous patients.

Telefonica: The Spanish telephone giant said it was attacked, clarifying that “the infected equipment is under control and being reinstalled”.

Renault: The French automobile giant was hit, forcing it to halt production at sites in France and its factory in Slovenia as part of measures to stop the spread of the virus

Deutsche Bahn: The German train operator was hit as travellers tweeted pictures of hijacked departure boards showing the ransom demand instead of train times. The company, however, insisted trains were running as normal

FedEx: The US package delivery group acknowledged it had been hit by malware and said it was “implementing remediation steps as quickly as possible”.

Nissan: The firm’s manufacturing plant in Sunderland, northeast England, was affected by the ransomware attack

Russia Central Bank: The bank said they detected the ransomware but had successfully thwarted the attack

Russian Railways: The ransomware infected the Russian railways’ IT systems. The organisation said that they were working to eliminate the threat and upgrade their anti-virus protections

Russian Interior Ministry: The ransomware also affected the government organisation, though the scope of the infection remains unknown

Iberdrola: The Spanish electric utility firm was also affected and disconnected its systems from the internet as a precautionary measure

Indian police in the state of Andhra Pradesh: The state police said they were locked out of their systems according to the Indian daily Economic Times

MegaFon: The biggest Russian telecom firm also confirmed having been affected by the attack

Sberbank: Russia’s largest bank said they detected the ransomware but defended against the attack

Bank Of China: Many ATMs went dark and non functional in the wake of the attacks
China gas stations: Payment systems of gas stations in parts of China were shut down by the attacks

Chinese traffic police, immigration and public security bureaus: The agencies suspended many of its operations until the issues related to its systems were resolved, according to South China Morning Post