video is no longer available

Good morning,

last few days I have problems with watching video. I’m getting a message ‘video is no longer available’ Have last version of Dragon as well as Chromodo together with Comodo Internet Security. I have no problems with watching video on Chrome. Could you please help me to solve my problem. thanks

Hi and welcome marimac,
If the issue is with videos on Facebook, please see the link below.
Videos stopped playing on facebook [Merged]

If the issue is with videos in general, please check to see if you have the PPAPI version of the Flash plugin installed.
Go to chrome://plugins and expand the details near the top right corner.

If PPAPI Flash is not installed use the following site.

  1. Select your operating system.
  2. Select FP for Opera and Chromium-PPAPI.
  3. Close the browser and navigate to the recently download installer and execute.

Kind regards.

Workaround for Dragon

Downgrading to Version 36.1 of Dragon and/or Chromodo Fixes the Issue.

Then Disable Automatic Updates in Settings.

I happened to have both saved in my downloads.

You can get Dragon 36.1 from here (You will need to uninstall v43 first and Remove User Profile)
Note: Sign in in settings with a Google login to save everything then sign in on 36.1 to restore everything.


Unfortunately I cannot locate a download for Comodo Chromium Secure 36.1 … the one in this forum takes you to 43.3 now :frowning: