Video Downloadhelper issue

I have the latest version of IceDragon and add-on Video Downloadhelper for which I paid the license. It requires the companion app to be installed before it can accept the license number. It is installed but it doesn’t see it. I installed latest Firefox and the companion app is seen, license accepted. So why doesn’t it work in IceDragon? 88)

It’s top do with Icedragon storing native apps in a slightly different place to Firefox. The workaround is a registry tweak. See here;msg875294#msg875294

Although it still currently probably wont work until the current ‘add - ons disabled’ issue has been resolved

Firefox has now been fixed, but I guess the necessary changes have not yet filtered through to IceDragon

Hi All,

We are looking into this. We’ll have a fix in our next IceDragon update.