Video buffering?

So far loving Ice Dragon, but any videos I play are buffering very badly - video starts and stops, etc - mostly stops. The player shows the video downloading and stopping so that the player catches up to it.
I did search the forum for this issue, but didn’t find a whole lot.
I have cable internet, so have plenty of broadband power for HD etc.
Videos still work OK in my firefox browser which has gotten slower and slower, and probably got compromised.
A program called internet helper 1.5 tried to get me to install it into Firefox and Chrome.
So looked for a browser that can’t get corrupted so easily, and has good speed.
So the question is - are there settings within CID I can check or adjust?
If not, what should I do to my laptop? adjust settings, download flash or what?

Over the years I think my windows media player also got corrupted - the updates pertaining to it won’t install. It seems to play videos OK but has some issues and seems slow.

All suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome scaperdude.
A few things to try,
In Options, Advanced, General, under Browsing try disabling Use hardware acceleration when available if it is enabled.

Check to see if you are running the latest flash plugin.
Flash check
If not, download and run the uninstaller tool for flash and do a fresh reinstall.
Note: You can run the built in uninstaller before running the uninstall tool.
Flash uninstaller
Flash plugin

Disable any 3rd party extensions and try again.
If this works, enable one at a time until you find the culprit.
Good luck. :slight_smile:

Thank you Cap,
It was apparently the flash. I used the flash uninstaller to make sure everything got removed. Working better now, but it is still buffering some on longer videos. Doesn’t seem to make much difference if I turn off the hardware acceleration option.

You are welcome, glad to hear that it is better than it was before. :slight_smile:
The suggestions were just stabs in the dark.

hi…i use icedragon browser and I’m really impressed…very good browser…i have a slow adsl line and i use bywifi to watch video on youtube…but if i use icedragon bywifi don’t work…with other browser like comodo dragon firefox palemoon work fine…can you help me please??

I see you started your own topic. I will answer there.