Very urgent - Joomla big big serious vulnerability

All joomlas, have a vulnerability that permits dominate totally the joomla script.
If the client don’t update the script, is joomla will be infected and killed.

Please consider this VERY CRITICAL we need a defense from COMODO, OWASP already have it!!

Here it is:

I changed all caps title to normal case. The wording speaks for its self. Eric

Thanks for co-operation.
We know about it and and we’ll add rule(s) in the next update.

Fixed in rules version 1.58

Is this also included in the rule update:
Joomla! 3.4.7 Released ?

I have been in hosting industry for many years and have not seen so many Joomla sites hacked by the same time. So it would be nice of you to prioritize a rule for this!

Thanks for your info.

We try to maintain our rule-set to provide reliable web-servers protection.