Very unimpressed so far

Just received an message telling me about the Comodo cloud, so I signed up.

Then received an email telling me that I can access the Comodo Cloud storage through a web interface (since I don’t want to download and install anything) at:


So I went to instead.

There are things to download, but there is NO WEB INTERFACE to the storage on that page.

Had a look at “CDrive”. It reads “Access your cCloud storage directly, with any program, without consuming any local disk space.”

“Without consuming any local disk space” sounds interesting.


Finally worked out to go to to find the web interface.

Login page won’t allow me to login automatically using my password manager (Lastpass), so had to do it manually, which is inconvenient.

Hope this feedback us useful.

Sadly, I am not impressed either so far. I’ve been searching for a replacement to Skydrive, so when I got the message pop-up for cCloud I decided to try it.

First, I had some issues determining which program to install, cDrive or cCloud. I wasn’t 100% clear what the differences were. I installed cCloud first but didn’t see a system tray icon, or folder similar to Skydrive, Dropbox, Bitcasa, etc… So I uninstalled that, and installed CDrive.

After rebooting, I copied a folder from DropBox over to it. Normally with these types of programs, the copy happens in seconds, then it sync up to the cloud in time. With cDrive, it took several minutes. And now when I try to open the files, they take forever to open, so I suspect it moved everything to the cloud only, and is not on the hard drive.

So now I guess I probably had it right the first time, and it is cCloud I want. But I had a hard time even finding the folder that created. Guess maybe I’ll wait for a new version to try again.

BTW - the read me file in the drive when you first open the account has Comodo spelled wrong. “Copy here any file or folder and it will be automatically synchronized on all computers where you log in and COMOODO Online Storage is installed.”

please tell us how we can improve it.
tell us exactly what you would like to see, so that we can code it for you.


I went back and retried cCloud, but uninstalled it again. Things to improve:

  1. Stability, bugginess, etc… - The first time I installed, I did not get any system tray icon. The second time, I did.

  2. Add a shortcut to the cCloud folder on install. Otherwise it can be hard for new users to find the sync’d folder. All the other cloud syncing programs do this. When I open windows explorer, at the top I see desktop, downloads, DROPBOX, GOOGLE DRIVE, BITCASA, etc… But no cCloud folder.

  3. Call the sync’d folder “cCloud” (not user name/email address sync’d folder). Also, give it an icon in windows explorer so it is more easily identified.

  4. Make syncing work better. Things would sync if I manually clicked on it to sync in the system tray, but wouldn’t otherwise. And even then, it only seemed to work for uploading to the cloud, but not downloading files that were recently uploaded via the website.

Those were my thoughts. Maybe I will try again once a future version is released. thanks


We are constantly working to improve stability. In this version we focused our efforts on moving the storage to our own datacenter.

We will do that in next version.

We will do that.

Recently uploaded items through website should sync automatically every 5 - 20 minutes. Files that are modified / new in the local folder are synchronized instantly. We are working to improve this.


Sounds good. Thanks

The old version of cCloud allowed a user to select specific folders (right click or through the program) to sync to cCloud. With the new version, I only see the option to sync folders through the one synced folder. Folders must be placed inside the sync folder.

I think it is far better to have the option to select folder to sync from their default location, just as the old version did.

Also, I can’t find anything about versioning. This is a very important feature that should be added.

Let me know!

You can change the location of the cCloud synchronized folder if you want or you can use Comodo Backup, which offers a large variety of features including synchronization of specific folders.

This feature will be available in a future release.