Very slow startup

I’m running Windows Vista, home premium edition with service pack 2.
COMODO virus signature database is 2527.

Yesterday (7th October) my PC started running very slowly. It started taking over a minute to open a folder. I restarted but with no improvement. It took a very long time to start up. What would normally take 2 minutes took over 2 hours and even then ran very slowly!

I restarted again, went into safe mode and set the realtime virus scanner to disabled. Restarted and problem solved. Couldn’t understand why. I set realtime virus scanner back to stateful and continued working happily.

This morning. Same problem. Computer took ages to start up. Gave up waiting. Set realtime scanner to disabled. Restarted. End of performance problems.

What is going on that could introduce such a hit on performance.

My wife’s PC (similar specification) with the same COMODO settings hasn’t been affected at all.

I know this is a bit vague but it appears that COMODO is the problem. Does anyone have any advice?

Because of an issue with the latest virus database, some computers might observe significant CPU consumption problems caused by cmdagent.exe
It seems your computer got the 'bad' virus database and your wife's did not (no internet connection or turned off ?)

Read all about it, including ‘fix’ instructions [at];topicseen

All the best, woz of oz

Thanks woz for your help. Its all sorted now.