Very satisfied with CIS

I’ve used Comodo products before but only just discovered there’s now an integrated package which is still free (and I hope it stays that way). So I uninstalled Eset Smart Security (which I chose because of it’s low resource requirements and good reputation) and replaced it with CIS on both my XP workstation and my Vista laptop.

I’m very impressed. Every bit as good as a “paid for” package and better than most in many areas.
What’s more, CIS is using even less system resources than Eset’s package which I previously thought was the market-leader in that respect. CIS loads faster and I’m able to start using Windows sooner than before.

Whilst CPF does have many options, I’m no stranger to firewalls so it does not confuse me. Even beginners should have no problems with it if they leave the install & configuration options at default settings, and only delve into the options after they’ve learned a bit more about how CPF works (this forum is a great resource for that).

I just hope now that CIS remains a free product because it seems to have a unique position in that respect (I’m not aware of any other integrated av+firewall package that’s free).

Thank you and keep up the excellent work!