very old bug its still un-fixed on comodo 7.0.312140.4101 RC


I Know you will telling me ( known bug )

yeah we know that !

but we want to know When you will fix this problem with Analysis of viruses Comodo ?

if you can not fix it just remove it !

i’m feeling bad … i hope you try to make a new comodo 7 without bugs !

or i will thinking to change my Internet Security App

Sadly, you were correct about what my response would be. This is indeed a new bug, and I therefore have to move this report to Resolved, even though the issue itself is not fixed.

However, I would like to note that I do not work for Comodo. I am a volunteer moderator, and although I cannot tell you much about what happens behind the screen, I can tell you that the moderators and the Star Group are all also very concerned about this particular bug, and are doing everything we can to fully understand it and get it fixed. Apparently it’s much more complicated than anyone originally thought, but regardless of that, this is certainly an issue which needs to be fixed, and I really hope it soon will be.

Thank you.