Very little bug D+ and FW

If I joins new disk volume (TrueCrypt such as local volume) then CIS rules (D+ and Firewall) not applies to software on new volume. I should open Firewall and D+ politics and click “Ok”, without any changes.

Can you describe the problem again. I am not quite sure what you are telling. Please be more precise.

I will try.

I have program to mount virtual disks (as logical disk).

The disk include programs to work with network (icq, email, etc clients).

I can mount this volume after starts Windows fully.

Once I created rules (D+ and FireWall) and apply their. Then CIS have excellent work with programms on virtual logical disk.

After PC reboot: I mount disk and launch programs. Then CIS asks me about rules for the programs, but it have all my rules in rule-list.

If my answer is ‘remember’ then CIS makes duplicate of my answer in rule.
If I open Firewall polices and close it, firewall works correctly.

In my opinion ‘D+ and FW’ applies rule-list on system boot. And CIS do not know programs on removable disks (disk name is constant regulary). Then I mount disk and refresh policies by ‘open and close’ dialog. Then rules make active for programs on virtual disk and I have not more asks from CIS.

That is not a bug. It is by design. CIS sees all removable disks (think USB sticks, network discs etc) as inherently unsafe and will as a consequence never store rules for them. The logic is that these discs are potentially not monitored when they get unmounted.

I thinked that CIS catches system events such as disk changes.