very high CPU usage of cmdagent.exe

What is this? Maybe every 30 minutes the usage of cmdagent will go up to 60% for a few minutes… What is the reason & how can it be turned off? I didn´t have that problem in older versions, so maybe it´s the antivirus or something?

What version of CIS are you using?

It´s 4.1.150349.920, which should be the current one.

Yes, it’s the current one. how long have you had Comodo 4.1 because a reinstall might be necessary.

abr- What are your computer’s specs including the processor(s) and what operating system does it use?


Having the exact same problem - quad core, 4gb ram, win7 enterprise - cmdagent.exe just hogs all the cpu of 1 process for a minute or two… mostly after restart - I don’t run auto updates, I’ve turned off everything apart from firewall - no virus scanner, no sandbox, no scan at start (which shouldn’t happen anyway since I’ve turned off virus scan - right?) - I cannnot seem to find anything else to turn off apart from uninstalling… Anyone got any bright ideas?

cmdagent.exe frequently goes to 100% utilization and stays there on my systems (3 different ones – 2 XP, 1 W7). I have found that, for me, the following helps:

  1. go into each browser you use and completely clear its cache (I use many browsers - Firefox, Chrome, Sea Monkey, IE, Opera, although mainly just the first two – and clearing just those two usually does it for me)
  2. empty your Recycle Bin
  3. find whatever folder your system uses as its “temp” folder (you can run cmd.exe and type “set” to see where this is); go there, and delete all its contents. It won’t let you kill everything – don’t worry about that; just kill what the system allows.

After the above, wait a few minutes (typically fewer than 5 or so), and (at least in my case), utilization drops pretty much to zero.

I also have noticed that when the system is idle, cmdagent.exe may go up to 100%. But if I have recently done the above steps, then as soon as I actually start using the system, cmdagent’s utilization will drop to zero almost instantly. Otherwise, it won’t.

As always, YMMV.

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I have the same thing.
Comodo works, "turn off " the computer Comodo, “start” starts, cmdagent 80%, later, and the computer not working, everything stops. (Ctrl + Alt + Delete not working) Waiting does not help
Sometimes it helps to "reset"and the quick integration of the Internet, but to "turn off "
PC, again the same.
PC can not find the “set”
xp, Comodo 5.3.176757.1236 ,pl
Before I installed pctools old + avira
Generic Host Process turn-off, when he used the Internet,
One day…star PC and
message “fatal error”, I’m deleted the whole xp.

in the system log, I have only errors dhpc
Comodo does not create its own log errors ?

uninstalled the antivirus Comodo , firewall is still

uninstalled the antivirus, firewall, left
comodo continue to have problems.
Work Processor (when the system boots) ranges from 2 to 100%, at some point the computer hangs.
I did reset the computer, the processor varies from 2 to 100% and starts.

Conclusion: uninstall the antivirus did not help, the system long time to start even with a reboot.
Sorry for my English and I greet all.

Just add chrome.exe to exeptions list.

Comodo AV → Scanner Settings → Exclusion → Add → Running Processes → Chrome.exe

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Would all affected please work their way through this FAQ Solving high CPU problems.

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