Very Happy With Comodo's Free Firewall !

Currently using version and very happy with it. It plays well with snoopfree 1.07 and Ghost Security Suite. I have no slow downs during boot times. Early before I was having a error activation problem, honestly I dont know what caused it. Took the time and did a full reformat and clean install of my OS xp pro S2, Installation of Comodo Personal Firewall went smooth and activation no problems. I’m just amazed as to how stable the firewall is running with my other security apps as they are also deeply rooted into my OS kernel + drivers. I play alot of online games as well and Comodo is just awesome just a slight edit to the allow in/out rules and little or no configuring for my gaming apps ! (:AGL) Thank You Comodo for this Excellent Firewall !

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Just to let you know; there’s alot of (profesional?) gamers runing around this forum and share the same feeling you had for CPF. Surf around and please share your unique configuration toward your gaming experience with the community.

Enjoy your stay, and again, welcome to the forum!