Very frustrated to get my individual certificate



Same here. Order 13655646. Very frustrating.

Comodo doesn’t make it trustworthy that it can give individual certificate when it frequently forgets that it is dealing with an individual certificate. Not just once, twice, but in virtually all of its correspondence.


Well. To be honest, Comodo request for me a valid phone number directory, in other words, a website which include my phone number as well as my name. In my case this is not possible today, because I only have one telephone number in my house and is not at my name. However Comodo (reseller better said) have no problem in refund my certificate money. And I am sure that having the appropiate phone directory we have no problem at all.

[This is an update of an feedback order 13865670 about the Validation Team. It was sent to 5 days ago. Comodo promptly posted the feedback as part of my validation information!?! Nothing seems to happen in the last 4 days – Comodo gave no response to my 2 queries about the status of the order.]

It is incredibly frustrating. The fact that not many companies provide the code signing certificates, let alone cheaply, shouldn't mean that customer should deal with seemingly amateurish representatives at Comodo.
  1. The instruction,30,23 is a joke. You must guess what “Part 1”, “Part 3”, and “Part 4” of the document are. Good luck with finding “the fax number shown of page 5” in a 3 pages document.
  2. VinothKumarP claimed Comodo lost track of both copies of my sensitive validation document a week after Comodo received both of them
  3. VinothKumarP asked for a copy of the sensitive validation document via email. Isn’t email completely unsecured?
  4. HemaV tried to search for the record of a notary/banker in the attorney website and complained about her failure (in Texas, a notary public is not an attorney.)
  5. The support webpage erroneously added a link to “” for the website “”, and VinothKumarP couldn’t even figure that out. Customers shouldn’t be on the hook for training Comodo’s representatives or for spotting out Comodo’s software bug.
  6. BalaguruB asked for the notary to signed on the bank document, a requirement that appeared out of nowhere.
  7. VarunA asked for the notary document again. Were both copies of the sensitive validation documents sent to Comodo still lost?
  8. ManikanteswarareddyS message was self-conflicting. He claimed that the validation process had changed on Dec 6, 2013, while the link he used to support his claim said it was last changed on Jan 4, 2013. Was this a lie?
  9. VinothKumarP and Robert were unable to view a public web page. After a few days Mary can finally view it.

It has been 18 days since I had the notary faxed the document to Comodo and 15 days since the documents were received by Comodo via express mail. It is still not clear at all what is still going on with Comodo.

Given that Comodo wants to call the notary public and a notary public in Texas, US doesn’t have to answer anyone’s phone call (he/she only has to reply to written inquiry), the whole process by Comodo is flawed. If Comodo is unable to issue a certificate for any reason, please just say so and refund the money I pay. It would be very odd if Comodo’s representatives lie about their ability to view web page publicly available as a way to delay having to refund the money for the certificate.

Am I the first to notice that even if I follow precisely the instruction by Comodo, both Comodo and I are wasting time?

As an afterthought, even without the lack of security oriented attitude by Comodo’s representatives, are data stored at website secured? Sensitive information there (passport, driver license, credit card, phone bill…) are protected by an 8 charracter password recoverable via email (my understanding when ordering certificate is that your email used in that site is a public information). Are sensitive information removed from that site shortly after the validation is done or will they be there forever? If someone can intercept your email, you’re surely toasted.