Very bad!

I had BoClean and Firewall working on computer, latest version. I did an install of a user program and something happened along the way. I got completely locked out from my computer. I could login to my user but neither Boclean or Firewall started. Any program I tried to start I got the message that I did not have the authority to start that program. I wasnt even allowed to shut down my computer (Windows XP, updated). I started in safe mode and did an uninstall of my user program, BoClean and the firewall in that order. When the Firewall was uninstalled my computer got “Normal”.
BoClean and Firewall was the latest as per 2 days ago. Boclean 4.25 and FW I might have made something wrong but a thing like this should not be able to occur even if I do some mistake. No other information available since my computer really was “dead”