VERY bad CCAV context menu design

Please see attached image. Is it just me or the proximity of “Submit to Valkyrie” and “Run as Trusted Application” is too close for comfort? Sure there is UAC dialog in between, but this is really bad design, by design. You want to submit potential malware to valkyrie and you by accident run it as a trusted file. There should really be CCAV confirmation dialog when selecting “Run as Trusted Application” so you can’t run malware by mistake when trying to submit a file…

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I thought the same thing.
+1 for that :-TU

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actualy I would like to see an “context menu” option for this in a matter that we can have an comodo options in three as it follows:

right click a file:


the opntions in the three of this item (the subitems) should be as follow:

Scan with ccav
Submit to Valkyrie
Run in sandbox
Run as trusted

This way we will have a less intruse, more coesive and more intuitive (better looking too) context menu for comodo.

And you still have “Run in sandbox” next to “Run as trusted”. Imagine you want to run something malicious in sandbox and you end up mistakenly running it without restrictions on a live system. Not cool. No matter how you re-arrange it, you’ll always have a potential disaster at hands unless you make a dialog that asks you if you really want to run it as trusted. It’s just safer this way. Or maybe make a wider empty gap between “Run as trusted” and the rest of selections. Like for example 1 empty entry in between to make a chance of misclicking drastically lower.


i really dont mind the menu order as long as its in a context menu tree…

It’s not the menu order that is in question here, it’s what it does and how devastating a “misclick” can be because of it.

Plus they should realise that placing the two together or even in the same list is to create a problem where Comodo will be blamed for any associated problems.

I am afraid users are not likely to think they pressed the wrong link.


Even if they will, it’ll be too late anyway. Is it really so hard to add a dialog for “Run as trusted” that would simply ask user “Do you really want to run X outside sandbox?” With answers YES and NO. If user confirms with YES, run unrestricted. If user clicks NO, do nothing. It’s few lines of a simple code that will make all the difference.

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