Version Update Fails / Virus Database Misinformed

I have tried multiple times to update from version 3.11 to the newest version.
I receive error 113, saying internet connection lost halfway.

When I try updating just the virus database, it informs me the virus database is up to date.
The ABOUT feature shows i am using version 3103. The comodo webpage informs me that they are up to 3476.

Sorry you cannot usually update from a lower version than the previous version.

The current version of CIS is 3.13 previous 3.12


Does that mean I need to download the whole thing again and perform a complete reinstall?

I would have thought COMODO would print a message to this extent at any rate, not simply provide non-informative and incorrect messages.

Sorry there are a few things like that with incorrect messages.

You should have been warned there was a update available before now 3.12 was realease some time ago.

You can export your configuration before you uninstall and import after install, it should work as you are currently on 3.11.
But it is better if you do not as there can be problems.

The new version is here;msg355806#msg355806