Version History

I don’t know if i have missed something, but is their a “Version History” thread or page that we can view what has been fixed and what known problems are left?

Another Question, is COMODO a NDIS or TDI firewall??

cheers, rotty


There isn’t a place yet to view the history, but this has been asked before so it may be implemented in the future. However, you can go to the beta thread and look at the posts saying when a version is released which tells what fixes there are, etc. When a new version is released a new topic is also created in the CPF thread.

About your other question I’m not sure what NDIS and TDI are, but someone else should be able to answer.


This is just a copy and past from all the released messages I can find…

Comodo Firewall BETA has been released

What’s New In CPF 2.3

  • New! Removed IE ActiveX Dependency from GUI
  • New! Reduced Memory usage
  • New! Added Do Protocol Analysis option
  • New! Added packet checksum verification feature
  • New! Added an option to define Alert Frequency level
  • New! Added defense for own registy keys and files against malware tampering
  • New! Added suspicious file submission capability to popup alerts
  • New! Added CPF tray icon
  • Improved! Default network control rules.
  • Improved! New icons for rules section
  • Improved! Tasks and Advanced section layouts are redesigned
  • Improved! Effect on OS system performance has significantly been decreased
  • Fixed! Bug causing Windows to freeze(a rare but serious bug of BETA releases)
  • Fixed! Bug causing Log Size selection to be forgotten after a reboot
  • Fixed! Bug causing legitimate packets to be dropped by protocol analysis
  • Fixed! The firewall will use the default browser instead of IE
  • Removed! Hardware details section from the summary section
    EDIT : * New! Windows Data Execution Protection against buffer overflow attacks!

Updated! CPF BETA is available!(Removed CPF BETA)

What’s New in BETA?

  • New! Windows XP Fast User Switching support
  • New! File submission to Comodo (“Security->Tasks->Miscellaneous” interface can be used to submit multiple files to COMODO.)
  • New! Popup frequency level(During the installation of CPF, users will be able to define the frequency of popups, which will affect created rules),
  • Improved! Self defense(protection of self registry keys,more resistance to process termination attacks)
  • Improved! Application monitoring(smarter act as a server handling, options to skip loopback TCP/UDP)
  • Improved! Performace of the firewall is much faster than before(This improvent solved AVG email scanner issue as well)
  • Improved! Memory usage of CmdAgent has been decreased by 3MBs
  • Improved! Interoperability of CPF with sandboxing software
  • Improved! Default network monitor rules
  • Fixed! Bug causing repeating “Signature changed” messages
  • Fixed! Bug causing CPF not to remember some popup
  • Fixed! Bug causing BSOD if secure boot option is selected

Edit : The version has been updated to CPF to address the BSOD bug.

CPF version has been released

What’s New In Version 2.2?

New! Added a new option called “Skip advanced security checks” to an application rule’s Miscellaneous section (This option will force CPF to skip leak checking on an application who has this option enabled. AVG Email Scanner compatibility issue is solved when user selects this option with avgemc.exe)

Improved! COM/OLE Automation Monitoring ( CPF now catches windows background intelligent transfer service hijacks, BITSTest)

Improved! DDE Monitoring (This improvement reduces number of “Modified the user interface” type popups)

Fixed! Bug that causes CPF not to remember some settings even if the user selects Remember option
Fixed! Bug that causes 100% CPU utilization in non-admin mode
Fixed! Bug that causes memory leaks in cmdagent
Fixed! Bug that causes CPF GUI to be unreadable while high DPI/font size settings are used
Fixed! Bug that causes false protection strength rating to be shown in the summary screen
Fixed! Bug that causes rules having [Any] attribute not merged correctly
Fixed! Bug that causes some security considerations text not be displayed

CPF has been released

What’s New In this Release?

New! Automatic Approval of Safe Applications

Added an option to automatically approve safe applications(more than 10,000 applications)

Improved! Firewall Leak Handling

Added COM/OLE Automation and DDE monitoring(e.g. PCFlank and ZABypass leak tests).
Added ‘Remember this behavior’ option to popup windows

Improved! Zone Modification

Added new interface to add/remove/edit a Zone’s settings

Numerous Bug Fixes

Fixed : While network monitor had an allow rule for a port, the port was not stealthed
Fixed : Under special circumstances, application rules were not being applied properly
Fixed : Under special circumstances, CPF was not remembering answers to some popups

CPF is released

Following is a list of bugs fixed:

  1. Conflict with AVG e-mail scanner resolved. And CPF should not have any conflict with any other anti-virus e-mail scanner module as well.
  2. “News” tab which was not functional in CPF release is active.
  3. One of the major reported problems during license activation was error code: 2146697211, which has been fixed.
  4. In general CPF should better perform, should be faster and cpu friendly.
  5. Added a check box option “Enable Auto Updater” in “Advanced → Advanced Security Configuration”, that will be by default selected. When you de-select it, CPF will not check for availability of updates once a day.

CPF 2 interim update release

Quick update:

our Dev guys have again done an excellent job and finalised the CPF 2 interim release with better CPU usage, better compatibility with other security products, less bugs. The product was ready today, but for many reasons we don’t release anything on a friday (for obvious reasons).



CPF is both NDIS and TDI firewall. It also contains a low level host intrusion detection system.

SWEET, At least the firewall has something todo with controlling the TCP/IP stack. I really am starting to see a strong case for using this firewall.

(:KWL) (:CLP) (:LOV)

Only one thing left and that is what STRONG antivirus to use along side it. Mmmmm

Cheers, rotty