Version 66.0.3359.117 (64-bit) RC is now available for download.

Hi Everyone,

Comodo Dragon Version Version 66.0.3359.117 (64-bit) RC is now available for beta testing.

Note: Beta versions are released for beta testing only and should not be run on production systems.


  • Updated the codebase to Chromium v66.
  • Improved video support on older systems with integrated graphics.


md5: 7FF621BE0ECC41C592B10655E92CD616
sha1: 04D647035A8AB10088686DBCBE00198B04FE0CB6
sha256: C9D0DE6FFD29B3613CC65FA2F375613C80301BCAD3462AB743E22C9B0B2021BC


The Comodo Browser Team.

Just downloaded. Seems to work fine. I have even been able to disable hardware accelaration which I had to enable on version 65. Thanks!

Hi rkparis,

Thank you for the feedback.

There are too many un-translated strings in the browser (for my language)
What can we do for it before the stable release?



is it possible to set google as default search engine (instead of yahoo).
as yahoo fans today are less then 0.0001%.
everyone else is using google, with google longer battery, better search, no incredible stupid related news as yahoo disgusting method…

thanks Comodo team.

Working well at my end. Just one thing of note. The page set to default on load is chrome://newtab/ instead of the yahoo page.

EDIT: Had some sort of NSIS warning pop-up. Not 100% sure if it’s related so troubleshooting.


Hi Eric, can you give more details about that (a screenshot would help)?

The Comodo Browser Team.

I had the NSIS warning pop-up. I uninstalled the browser, it still showed up… I use system restore option. Problem solved.
No more Dragon or IceDragon for me!

I think it may have been because I upgraded the default installed x32 bit version for an x64. Just re-testing and will post windows logs when I have a minute.

Unable to replicate at the moment but CD does launch before installation complete. See attached photos.


The NSIS appeared after I uninstalled dragon (see attached). I can’t see any related windows log events. I have COS on my Google Chrome as well as dragon.

I’ve done a fresh install for now as this is a production maching but just thought I’ld test it.


Thank you Eric we will look into the matter.

Just for the record, I did not mentioned it as it has no consequences, but I experienced the same as Eric when installing CD : CD launching before installation appears to be completed.