version 3.9 and version 4

:BNC :BNC I am already enjoying the security and confidence that Cis 3.8 gives me, but wonder whats happening with the beta versions 3.9 and 4 as i cant seem to find much in the forums other than perhaps a new Gui and Bo clean being integrated. Does anyone know which version will have Bo clean and which The new Gui, and also any " inside" info of any other improvements,and dare i ask when the betas will be available to download and where?.

Here’s some info:

Well I also asked this:

recently… So good thing you bring it up… :wink:

Except those you mentioned I think a translation tool and CIMA like heuristic and potentially the “time machine” (a tool to restore things and heal damage coursed by malware and such) is planned for those two versions… :slight_smile:

Major CIS v3.9 Changes:

  • BO Clean Memory Scanner (Totally Re-Written Memory Scanner that is very light), It will use BOClean signatures and technology and will work with CAV signatures.
    -CIMA like heuristics.

Major CIS v4.0 Changes:

  • Brand New GUI (Usability overhaul)
  • Comodo Time Machine (Was Comodo DiskShield - BETA)
  • Lot’s and lot’s of usability!

That’s pretty much the development activities, along with improvements, bug fixes, etc.


Can I use COMODO Time Machine to go forward on time and get version 4.0 before anyone else???

OMG those are major changes. I bet CIS will kick behinds!!

Go COMODO!!! :comodorocks:

LOL… i like the way you think…

of course you can use the Comodo Time Machine to go forward in time and get the ver 4.0… however you have to wait for it to be launched first :slight_smile:



Keep up the good work. :-TU

New dev act thread made:

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