Version 2.4 will not run [Resolved]

Having finally managed to install 2.4 without freezing my computer,and now it will not allow me to turn on any protection.It says re-installing might help.Now I like Comodo Personal Firewall,but this is getting old fast.I have never had the problems with other firewalls that I have with Version 2.4,so I will not attempt to update untill this version is more functional.

Update:Re-installing does not help.

Version 2.4 will not run!!!
After update or a complete new install Windows XP starts up and will freeze.
Nothing will work.
Starts up in Safe mode (F8) and uninstall Comodo Firewall 2.4!!!
Re-install Comodo Firewall 2.3
You’ll must then “learn” the firewall everything new again.

The update sucks! Sorry…

If the install occurred by automatic update, was any other security software actively running at the time? Such as Antivirus, antispyware, HIPS, etc? Was the download and install attended or unattended?


The install was attempted under several conditions,first with several apps running,with no apps running,from within the program,clean install,always attended

I’m sorry you’re having so much trouble, freddy76. It sounds like you’ve been pretty diligent in your efforts there.

This has to be some sort of anomaly, IMO, as it certainly is out of the norm of reported issues. That is certainly not uncommon with computers and software; anomalies occur far too often, because of some random blip; then they just won’t go away. Typically I’ve seen this type of problem when there was some form of security software running in the background.

If you’re willing, here’s my advice on steps to take:

Delete any existing install package of 2.4 that you may have downloaded.

Download a new install package of 2.4 straight from Comodo’s website.

Uninstall 2.4 using their uninstaller. Reboot.

Run a registry cleaner (like RegSeeker) to remove registry entries to Comodo Firewall. Reboot.

Completely turn off/disable all antivirus, process-monitoring, registry-monitoring, anti-spyware, HIPS, etc (all security-type software).

Reinstall CPF 2.4 from the most recent install package.

See if that makes a difference.


PS: a note to both -,2366.0.html a couple of our members have developed a batch file script available here, which will allow you to back up all your CPF settings, to import into a new version of CPF.

Little Mac:
Success,downloaded the latest release from Comodo,uninstalled 2.3,ran registry cleaner,and installed version 2.4.
Voila,it works

Great, Freddy76, I’m glad you’re up and running!