Version 2.2.127000.12 No Edit Possible!

I’ve just installed Version 2.2.127000.12 onto my acer laptop running XP as a duel boot option with Vista( >:-D).

I use earleir versions of Back-up on other PCs and it runs perfectly but this version seems to be different.

For a start, though I have two sheduled back-ups, which seem to be working, I cannot edit either. When I highlight them on the Shedule tab the only live button is Remove.

I’ve tried closing down and rebooting but it makes no difference.

I then went to try ‘Live Help’, a window comes up saying I need to install Live Help Support which I accept and run but nothing changes and when I click again the same window reappears.

I’ve tried the diagnostic/repair and it reports all is well.

Any thought/suggestions most welcome


Please read this: