version 2.2.12700.12 with mapped drives

Running windows 7 64 bit, NTFS drives

Just upgraded to 2.2.12700.12 and my previously stored schedules do not work. It would appear that you can create a backup from a mapped drive but when you edit the schedule the mapped drives are no longer available.

example of one of my schedules: /backup_operation /type filesandfolders /source “Q:\QResDB.mdb” /destinationtype destinationtypediskfile /destinationpath “K:\Vic Hughes” /diskusage high /processorusage normal /scheduletask /schedule_mode daily /schedulesettings 19:0

I have had to revert back to my latest saved version (2.1.117500.10), which works but of course I cannot edit the schedule.


Can you please post the log of the scheduled backup?
You can enable logging in schedule TAB.


Sorry cannot do that, as I said I have reverted back to a previous version.
But if you try to create a schedule selecting a mapped drive and then go to edit it you will not be offered the mapped drive you selected in the create phase (I only get C, D, J and K drives where J & K are USB pen drives)

Any idea when a fix for this issue will be available? It’s very annoying having to recreate the entire scheduled backup plan any time I have to make a change.

Never mind. I just realized that v3 is in beta testing. I’m sure it’s already been addressed.