Version [Resolved]

Hello people,
it seems that version has a duplicate process running as cavse.exe
if you kill one of the two’s antivirus continues to run correctly.
If you launch process explorer from sysinternals you will see the duplicate.

I think it’s meant to run with two cavse.exe processes. I think it improves scan time etc.


Two cavse.exe is perfectly normal. CAVS is designed like this to reduce resource useage.


…It sounds strange…
on access scan should be a single process.
I disabled Hips, so i think that the rest maybe euristics…but i killed the other same process without any changes.

Having two cavse.exe is done to prevent deadlocks in a single scan engine. Having only one cavse.exe service could could cause the computer to freeze, so a second service was introduced to prevent the deadlock.


This sounds better.

No problem. Sorry I wasn’t too clear on my first reply.

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