Verification Engine,

Can anyone assist with Ideas,my Verification Engine will not work ,used to be ok same set up windows 7 /64 Bit InternetExplorer 8,no probs used to get green Border plus Audible sound,now nothing cant under stand ,have uninstalled reInsatalled still a none worker?
I would be grateful fo any Ideas


Nodger2011 New Member also Running Free comodo Internet Security Premium thats ok.

The Verification Engine has been discontinued.

Notice of discontinuation of development and support.

do you know when these discontinued products are going to be moved to the discounted products board?
its been a few months since these products have been discontinued.

Good question. I don’t know.

ok thanks thought maybe you knew. idk when they removed these products from the main comodo website but they did which is good since there isnt support for them anymore