Verification- calls and procedures = frustration

working on an international company as web developer and managing 3 sites in 3 different countries (Sweden, Norway and Finland).
Each country has its own office (same name but with the country prefix and contact details).

The domains of these 3 sites are registered on its country office - so that any SSL EV on each site contains its countries office information.

Finland site contains an SSL EV with Finland company and address details.
Sweden site contains an SSL EV with Swedish company and address details
Norway site contains an SSL EV with Norway company and address details.

So far - nothing strange right?

So here is my problem, that I wish to address and hopefully I am given some clarity to by this forum.

Case 1: Registering for SSL EV
As the only web developer in the company- it is my responsibility to handle everything regarding the web for all countries (hosting, coding, maintaining etc) which includes ordering and installing SSL EV.

Problem/issue 1: Because the company is based in 3 different countries, with different addresses (as mentioned above) any SSL EV order requires me to create a separate account for each site. This is a fact - and what I was told in chat with suport lasting over an hour.
Fine - I accept that, altho perhaps a bit of extra account managing.

Problem/issue 2: The most important issue for me is the verification call that has to be made to “the registered phone number” in the public directories for verification of the SSL EV.

a) The number listed in the public directories for each company goes to that countries customer suport/sales. This suport/sales number has over 300+ agents working daily with a rotation. There is no way for me to inform each country that there will be a COMODO agent calling regarding an SSL EV order.
And even if the suport/sales person transfers the call to one of their administratives - they will have NO idea what or why COMODO is calling.

This is because they have no connection what so ever to the IT department, and nor should they.

b) Because of this issue - I have sent in legal documents with the Chairman/ CEO for our company (same chairman/CEO for all countries) where it states that I (the web developer) has full authority to order and verify any SSL EV requests made for all our company sites (Norway, Finland and Sweden).

But - this makes no difference. The COMODO agents are still calling the listed phone number from their public directory despite my detailed explanation of the situation and the legal documents sent in. This places my tickets in an infinite loop where they - like robots - repeat themselves with we can only call the registered number despite the legal documents sent in by me.

This situation is exactly the same we have with THAWTE, and the reason I voted for changing vendor to COMODO. But currently - I am having the same issue and frustration with COMODO as with THAWTE.

The outsourced personel (suport) is showing no sign of interest or understanding in the situation - and I swear that I recognize one of the agents from THAWTE’s suport team???

Anyway - frustration is fast building up here - and I would like to know if there is a way to fix this issue once and for all. I am getting a stomach wound for not being able to rely on a smooth and effective service when it comes to our SSL EV orders.

// Victor

I went through this myself, and honestly, I just buy domain validated certs now. Users don’t know the difference, there’s no additional security, why put yourself through the headache?

Hi technion,
yes a DV SSL is fast - but for trust, our company needs the SSL EV.
As we are providing services that are within digital security, it would look very unprofessional not to have the SSL EV.

Just to update this thread - I managed the impossible with help from each country to brief customer services. It was a long shot, but it payed of.
Now I have legal documents sent in that grants me personal authority to request and validate SSL EV.

My hope is that I will get a phone call now - instead of customer suport. BUT - this is yet to be verified (still awaiting response now regarding a new order).

If this works - then HUAAAH!

Best regards