Vengine and Firefox 3.5.5

When I try and login to my ISP website by clicking the login button from the home screen ( firefox crashes. I have one by one disabled my add-ins and found that the verification engine is causing this error.

Hi Vicsetter.

Thank you for your feedback. We’ll look into this problem.

Kind regards,

Hi Vicsetter.

We created the account on web service that you’ve listed but FF didn’t crash after logging in.
Can you tell some datails please:

  1. OS
  2. what FF plugins do you have installed

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Hi Vadym,

I tested:

  • with Fox 3.5.5 with and without add-ons / plugIns (I have > than 35)

  • in Fox safe mode

  • with new fresh profile

  • with and without Add-ons

  • etc.

Vicsetter, can you please post the message / crash dump report/ the image of the crash … please …

What Os you are running? , what other security & stuff?
… just a little bit of information would be ( always ) helpful


p.s. I want the one for 5.99 but for free ;D

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