VDSL modem connection problem

I get disconnected every now and then and I suspect it’s the insufficient firewall configuration fault. I use safe mode.

I log to to set my services settings. I’ve noticed that in my firewall log there are some blocking events related to that IP. There are ICMP requests. So I’ve added a global rule allowing every type of ICMP from that IP. That didn’t help.

With a VDSL modem my money would be on the connection between your modem and the outside world. VDSL is, more so than ADSL (2+), sensitive to line conditions. Did this problem arise when you switched from ADSL to VDSL?

I would suggest to check out the connection stats of your modem and see how many errors are reported and also contact the helpdesk of your ISP.

I just wanted to eliminate firewall from the troubleshooting chain. Thank you.