Various plans for the same SSL product? [Resolved]


I saw many different sites selling Comodo SSL but their prices for the same plan are huge different. For example,
The prices are very cheap but the warranties are much less than normal applied to the same plan.

Are these three things- plan, trustlogo, warranty, randomly combine and set by the resellers?

With the same warranty $10000, I need Premium SSL in above reseller (AAbox) while I only need Instant SSL in others. That’s confuse me whether they are true authorized resellers or not.

Any list of authorized resellers can be found?



I would just get the certificate directly from Comodo.

Thanks Justin. You mean is the only OFFICIAL for Comodo SSL? :o How about other resellers? Any recognition for them?

Dear Icemanchai,

This is a question for Melih, the CEO of Comodo. You might want to check this thread again tomorrow to look for his reply. Usually he is prompt in answering this kind of question.

Yours truly,

While we wait for Melih to reply…here is a useful link:

Thanks DoomScythe and Gary. :smiley:

Hi Iceman

The reason why people have different levels of price is the value add they usually offer to their customers. Also Comodo cannot dictate the price they should sell these things at as it is against law to fix prices.

But mainly the value add you get from each provider that explains the difference.


Thanks Melih. Now I am clear now. :slight_smile:


I just wanted to clarify our pricing and reseller status (

We are a valid reseller for Comodo. Currently we are offering special low prices on all Comodo certificates, thus the lower than retail prices. We run specials from time to time, just as any retailer would, to create more interest in different products and services we offer.

We have been reselling comodo certificates almost since the beginning of their reseller program, and have found it to be a very positive experience.

Next, the warranty amounts on our pages were incorrect. The certs are the same Comodo certificates and warranties that come with them are set by Comodo. Our site has been updated to reflect the correct warranty amounts.

I do apologize for any confusion caused by the misprint on our web site.

Thank you,

Michael Sasek
AABox Web Hosting

A big THANK YOU to Michael everyone for believing in Comodo and building a business around it! Please make sure to support him and do business with him!

Thank you Michael